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Monday, July 16, 2012

I thought I had it together.....ugh

So, today was our quarterly visit with the pediatric endocrinologist.  Interesting morning, to say the least.  To start things off, I didn't sleep well last night, so when the alarm rang this morning, I didn't want to get up.  Thinking maybe I shouldn't have....  We did Alyssa's normal morning regimen and she asked if she could have a little coffee this morning. So, since she was up earlier than she had been in a few weeks I thought a little 'children's coffee' might help her get going.  I measured the milk, sugar free creamer and mixed them with a little coffee.  I accounted for that with her Novolog dose and we hit the road to drop her brother off at his first day of driver's ed and then on the see the doctor.

When the nurse called us back, she wanted to check Alyssa's blood glucose levels and I thought for sure it was going to be within range.  At this time it had been 2 hours since she had eaten....but a reading of 405.  I was floored!  She hasn't had a reading like that is such a long time.  Re-check...305...better, but what the heck??  I felt terrible.... I mean, I carefully measured her food, counted the carbohydrates, and calculated the insulin dose.... all of a sudden I felt like the worst mom in the world.  I mean, I know realistically that things like this happen and diabetes is a very tricky disease.  Sometimes bg's fluctuate for reasons out of our control like stress or excitement.  I know Alyssa and I both were excited to discuss the insulin pump with the endo.  Another blow, her A1C was 8.2, up from the last visit.  Ideally, they would like to see it 8 or less.  Ugh!

Well, on a happier note we did discuss the pump.  We are scheduled for an insulin pump class on Tuesday evening.  After we pick out the pump we want, the next step will be to contact the insulin pump company to start the purchasing process and see what pump and how much our insurance company will pay for.  I'll go into more detail in another post about the process of getting Alyssa started on the pump and the steps we'll take in the near future.

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