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Friday, February 10, 2012

Diabetes is Ugly

Diabetes has been showing its ugliness.....The last few weeks have been a roller coaster for Alyssa's diabetes.  The week before last, I got a call from school 4 out of 5 days saying that Alyssa's glucose levels were high....300 + every morning at around 8:30a.  She eats breakfast at 6:30a and gets 2 injections (regular insulin and then a long lasting insulin).  So, her sugar should have been within normal range 2 hours later?  Over that weekend, her levels were great!  Last Monday, I decided to up her regular insulin .5 units (a very little) and I got a call at 8:30a saying her sugar was low. on Tuesday, I backed down the dose....8:30 ~another call and low!!  Wednesday and Thursday, the same thing.  Weekend was pretty good, a few highs but in the low 200's and likely because she snacked a little more.  This Monday morning, a call at 10:00.... sugar was 59! Lowered insulin from her normal dose and Tuesday no call!  Thought we were in the clear! Wednesday was an early release day, so I kept her home from school because it would mean she would have to eat lunch at 10:45a, which throws her whole schedule off.  Levels were great!  Yesterday, call at 10a, sugar 300!  What the heck!!  Today (Friday) same thing!  I swear, I'm losing it!  What is insane is that these extreme lows and highs are effects of a minute amount of insulin!  The picture below (on the left) is the actual syringe scale.  She gets 1 unit for every 25 grams of carbs, usually 2 1/2 units.  So,as you can see, 1/2 u is a tiny amount. 

Those of you who know me and Alyssa know that I am borderline obsessed with managing her diabetes.  I measure EVERYTHING she eats and have learned to adjust for her activity levels.  Thank God we have a great Endocrinologist!  I know I've called and emailed her 10+ times.  Finding that perfect dose has been a challenge and unfortunately what worked one day, has not been working the next!

I'm at the point I think there is another culprit besides the pancreas. I know stress can elevate glucose levels. The blood sugar of type 1 diabetics can increase when they’re stressed because of the production of stress hormones. In most people, these hormones help improve the body’s stress response because the liver releases more glucose for additional energy. For diabetics, however, this extra glucose can result in a dangerously high blood sugar level.  My husband was in the Middle East for 2 weeks, and I know she missed him.  I tried to keep as much from her as possible, but she knew that he was in dangerous areas at times.  Now that he's home, I'm hoping things get back to normal and that her glucose levels balance.