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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Packing for the Pool

Packing for the Pool

Today we are celebrating my son’s 17th birthday with a family pool party at my sister-in-law’s home and as I prepare for the afternoon, I realize how much goes into preparing for Alyssa. This has become second nature and has become part of our ’check off list’ before we leave the house. This prep is not only today, this is anytime we go anywhere. Another reminder that diabetes doesn’t take a break.

In addition to packing sunscreen and beach towels, we have to pack a bag full of diabetes supplies. In her backpack: bg meter, strips, lancets, alcohol swabs, insulin, syringes, juice boxes, glucagon emergency kit, snacks, water bottles, and candy.

Alyssa is a very active little girl and rarely takes a break; and because we are going to a party where there will be swimming and lots of play with cousins, the chances of low blood sugar are very likely. On the upside, she’ll probably be able to enjoy a piece of birthday cake without an extra injection!