Alyssa's Journey with Type 1 Diabetes

An outlet, a diary of sorts, a place for thoughts, a place to connect,
an expression of feelings about Juvenile Diabetes......

About Alyssa

Alyssa is a beautiful, active, silly, sassy 9 year old girl who just so happens to have type 1 diabetes.  She is so much more than a diabetic....Alyssa loves to cheer, tumble, dance, swim, sing, read, give make-overs to her girlfriends, paint nails, and play with her cat, Cookie, and Chihuahua, Poppy.  She would rather be outside than in... loves riding her bike and her brother's four-wheeler.  If she must stay in, she loves watching music videos on YouTube and playing on  Her favorite color is green and she loves all things that glitter..... 

"Hey I'm a wildflower, growin' in the sunshine
Soakin' up the way of life I was raised in
Runnin' barefoot bloomin' in a summer shower
Ponytail dancin' I can't help it, I'm a wildflower"
(Jane Dear Girls)

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