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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Counting Carbs

Counting carbohydrates can be quite difficult when your type 1 child eats something that doesn't have a label.  This week, Alyssa has been going to vacation bible school and the first thing they do is eat dinner.  The first day was pizza, applesauce, Oreos, and a Capri Sun (I brought a Capri Sun Roarin' Water because it only has 8g of carbs compared to the 22 in regular Capri Sun).  I knew a regular applesauce cup has about 22g of carbs, at least the brand I buy does.  I knew a regular slice of pizza has about 45g of carbs.  The Oreos were 25 g of carbs for a 3 cookie serving, but she only ate 1 of them.  Adding it all up in my head....this was a total of about 83 grams of carbs which would normally mean a basal rate of 4.15 units of insulin.  However, I knew she was going to be running around like crazy for the next few hours and burn up a lot of those carbs, so I decided to give her 3 units of Novolog.

At the end of VBS, blood glucose check read 212 (honestly, I thought it would be lower, but not too bad).

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