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Friday, June 1, 2012

Mother of the Year

I do not know what has been wrong with me this week.  Maybe my brain fog has been caused by the leftovers of my sinus infection last week or from my new diet I started this week??  Or maybe its because I've been scrambling around getting everything in before the deadline for my new school that I will be attending in the fall.  It's been an interesting week for sure.... I hit my oldest son's truck pulling out of my driveway, I got stung by a bee, I did something to my hand....and then the winner this morning....

My son Jamon rides to school with a friend, so I drop him off on the way to Lu's school.  As I pull out of their driveway, it hits me, Alyssa didn't get her insulin!  Really?  Like she hasn't been getting insulin every morning for the past year and a half? The injections were made, it just totally slipped my mind.... I whipped the car around and headed back towards the house....arguing with my self.  How could you forget?  Remember, you are human.  Alyssa gets two injections in the morning, Lantus (a slow release insulin) and her quick-acting insulin, Novolog.  Normally, she checks her BG and I go ahead and give her the injections before she eats.  This morning though, her bg was 86, and because the Novolog usually drops her sugar pretty quickly,  I decided I would wait until she had eaten her breakfast to give her the injections.  I'm apparently not good with a change in protocol.  Ahh the anxiety...  

Anyway, we rushed home and I quickly gave her injections and we were back on the road to school.  And, we made it on time!  Hopefully there are not too many more mornings like this...not good for my inner control freak!

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