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Monday, June 4, 2012

Cheer Camp

Alyssa is on a competitive cheer team and this weekend she took part in her first cheer skills camp. Alyssa’s diabetes is very sensitive to extra physical activity, so this requires careful planning and monitoring as well as timing meals and insulin. This is because muscles use up glucose at almost 20 times the normal rate during intense exercise and can result in low blood sugar levels.

During her normal practices in order to avoid drops in blood glucose levels, we check her bg’s before class starts and if she is below 200 she has a carb/protein snack and she has a low sugar Gatorade on hand that has about 15 g of carbs. This snack and drink will replace the glucose slowly as she burns the glucose she has on board and holds her over through the 1 ½ hour practice. In the case of cheer camp, I knew the activity would be more intense and last longer. We checked her sugar when we arrived on day 1 and it was 212, she had a snack and about an hour in her bg was 200. At the water break re-check, her level was at 147, so she had a few grapes and more low sugar Gatorade. By the end of day 1 practice, her level was at 150. Day 2 started at 12:30p, so she ate lunch at 11:30a. When we got to the gym her bg was 300, but she had just eaten and had a lower level of insulin about 30 minutes prior. At the water break, we checked and her level was down to 200. She ate a few grapes and 2 peanut butter crackers. At the end of camp, her bg was 116. I knew her bg’s would continue to drop after the exercise stopped because her team had worked so much harder on day 2, so I let her have a little of the high carb snacks that were offered like cheese puffs, chips, grapes, and even a donut! I chose not to give her insulin and rechecked her bgs about an hour later…99...perfect... her body was still burning that glucose.  If she hadn't had that snack, she would have went low.

Alyssa is such a trooper. She didn’t complain about having her finger pricked 4 times extra because she was having such a good time… We have a longer choreography camp in a couple of weeks and I'm feeling a little bit better about it.

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