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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Math skills needed....

After dinner last night, Alyssa went in her room to work on a puzzle.  About an hour later, I went into check on her because she was too quiet and she was fast asleep in her bed....7:30p and way early for her?  I pricked her finger (she doesn't wake anymore) and the meter read 434...wth!!  recheck....413!  I calculated the carbs, she had eaten something she had eaten many times before and had gotten her insulin.  I woke her up and had her get in the shower while I made another injection.  Here is where math skills come in handy....

Oddly, Alyssa usually drops about 100 pts during the night...I'm not sure what crazy girl does in her sleep....but normally I try to make sure her levels are between 180-200 when she goes to bed.  Alyssa's correction rate is .5 units for every 50 over 150, but since her bedtime goal is around 200 and I wanted her to drop about 200 pts., I gave her 2.0 units.  Another problem, sometimes the insulin brings her down too quickly and she feels the affects of a low even if she is not (and if she doesn't eat as well).  So, I also gave her a 15 g carb snack.  I estimated with the insulin and the snack that she would wake up with a bg of about 150.  This morning....the meter read 136... pretty darn close!!

I'm not sure where this spike came from (I searched for evidence of a secret snack, but didn't find any??) I think its instinct to want to find the culprit, although there may not be a tangible one.  I mean really, there is no known cause for this disease so it's understandable that there is no known cause for occasional spikes or lows.   I try not to stress too much when situations like this happen, but its hard not to when your a control freak like me :-/


  1. That's what always amazes me about diabetes: we do all this major math, and then the disease goes and does what it wants anyhow. Of course, some days it works, so we keep at it. We have to. I had a mom ask me today if we've "got it all figured out yet." Nope!

  2. Amy,

    I know exactly what you mean....something that works one day, may not the next. I had a mom once tell me that I make diabetes look easy... same answer ...nope!