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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Diabetes in School

Since Alyssa was diagnosed after Christmas last year, this is really my first school year that I've had to prepare her diabetes supplies.  I can barely remember much more than being terrified to send her school nearly a week after she was released from the hospital. 

Just to add to my plate, my fall semester just started where I will be taking 6 classes.  Four will be at the college and 2 will be online.  Fortunately I was able to work out my schedule so that I can still be able to pick Alyssa up from school each day.

So, today I just ordered another pocket prodigy meter.  I have 2 already and then several others, but they are different kinds.  I would like for the school to have at least 2, one in the office and one that can be kept where ever Alyssa is.  So that will make it easier to be able to bring in the same strips for each meter. 

I faxed all of the forms Alyssa needs filled out for school by the physician yesterday, so I'm going to wait until tomorrow to call the school to be sure they have gotten Alyssa's plan from the endocrinologist.  Then I'll set up a time to speak with the "504" board.

Of course this has all been new to me, but the "504" information that I recieved from the school was very general and I was under the impression it was just a blanket, if you will, that states that anyone with a disability can recieve special care.  Well, after response from family and friends in addition to my own research, I have found that it really protects Alyssa in far many more ways.  It assures me that every staff member that has Alyssa in their care will be trained to know when/if Alyssa's glucose levels are high or low, it protects her health and education by allowing her to check and treat her levels at any time possible during class instead of having to go to the office, and many more things.  I feel much better about sending her to school next week!  She is ready....check out her note that was posted on her door... she needs a break from her brothers!

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