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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer break is coming to an end......

Ok, so I think I have all of my ducks in a row….or either I’m just trying to make myself feel better~ which is very possible. I am at the beginning of my second week of the semester and I am finally thinking I’m comfortable in my schedule. Not sure what I was thinking when I signed on for 6 classes, but anyway…so far so good.

Its been kind of tough starting school before my kids summer break is over. I just have to say (again) that I have 2 amazing sons! They currently take turns each day so that one of them can always be at home to watch Alyssa while I am at school. They also take turns & help out by keeping her so that me & dad can go out to dinner at least once a week~ just him and I. Of course I check in often when I’m not home, but they are on it! I love you Phillip & Jamon and I am so very proud of you. Taking care of Alyssa’s diabetes is a huge responsibility and you do such a great job!

So this week is busy!! Phillip had his junior orientation last night… since he drives, this is the first one I didn’t attend. :( It was more of a social event for him. Jamon and Alyssa will meet their teachers this evening. Dad is taking J and I’m taking Alyssa. I read her teachers bio online and she has been with the school for 11 years and teaching many more years than that. I am hoping that somewhere in her teaching history, she has had some experience with diabetes. Tonight I will bring in the extra class supplies like tissues, hand sanitizer, and Clorox wipes along with Alyssa’s midmorning snacks, juices for lows, and sugar free jello for those surprise cupcake or cookie parties so she can at least have a treat. If I know in advance, I can plan her schedule and she can have the sweets, but at least we have a back up.

Tomorrow I have 2 classes and during my break I will be taking all of Alyssa’s diabetes supplies to school and meeting with the nurse along with the teacher to train her. Even if her teacher has experience with diabetes, every child is different. I love the nurse at her school, she is wonderful and I feel very comfortable. So far in her pack is all her medical paperwork, a copy of her 504 plan, emergency glucagon, insulin, syringes, glucose tablets, 2 meters, strips, lancets, finger pricker (lol), juice boxes, and log book. I think that’s everything….

Thursday, I am so excited to be going to the kick off captain’s luncheon for the JDRF walk that is coming up in October. This is my first walk with them and I’m looking forward to meeting the staff I’ve been working with over the phone and via email. Then tomorrow night is me and the hubby’s evening out! Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and for those that are starting school on Thursday, have a great 1st day back!

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