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Monday, August 1, 2011

Walk to a cure and weekend stuff

Wow!! So excited about everything going on in my life right now! Just registered our team “Alyssa’s Angels” for our first JDRF Walk to a Cure that will be held at Elon University in Burlington on October 8th. The response has been outstanding!!

My oldest son, Phillip is touring his first college today with one of my best girlfriends. I can hardly believe that he is a high school junior! I’m still struggling with the fact he just got his license!  My other son, Jamon will be starting the 8th grade at a new school this year!
I have 2 weeks left of my summer break and then I’ll be back to school for my 3rd semester!

We had a great weekend full of celebrations for family and friends~ diabetes showed its ugly head Friday night while we were at a pool party. Alyssa’s levels were perfect all day long, she ate a great dinner, had a lower dose of insulin because I knew she would be swimming (1 armed swimming because she’s still wearing a cast until Wednesday) and then came the dreaded words “I feel shaky.” Her glucose had dropped to 43, the lowest it has ever been. 4 oz of juice, checked in 15 minutes, up to 63, still shaky and now nauseous. Juice usually does the trick, so I think it was lower than the meter read. I gave her about 2-3 oz of Pepsi, checked blood in 10 minutes and back up in the 90’s…whew. Gave her 2 peanut butter crackers, nausea gone and back to the pool she went. Back home, checked again before bed, 300 :-/! What a roller coaster….I know it was the Pepsi, but I felt I had to get that sugar up quick! Glucose tabs tend to take too long; the juice brought it up, but not enough. Saturday was a good day and so was yesterday, I just have to get a handle on what amount of insulin she should get if I know she’s going to be over active. It’s just so difficult to judge?? Tonight she is going to vacation bible school and I am debating whether or not I will give her insulin with dinner, because I know my girl will be chasing all the boys around!

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