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Monday, August 20, 2012

Going back to school

School starts 1 week from today, so I broke out Alyssa's most recent diabetes plan and starting filling out the paperwork for my meeting with the school nurse on Thursday. I will also give a brief training to her teacher on what to look for with Alyssa. The teacher will be attending a diabetes class provided by the school that usually happens sometime during the first week of school as well. So, this little training session is just so she knows what to expect the first few days of school.

I purchased enough snacks to last a month for the teacher to keep in her room as well as several juice box packs to treat lows. I've started getting her diabetes bag ready that stays in the office that will contain her meter, strips, syringes, glucose tablets, alcohol swabs and insulin. Ideally I would have liked for Alyssa to be on the pump before school started, but at least we have the ball rolling.... hopefully final approval in the next couple of weeks!!

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