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Monday, June 18, 2012

Alyssa's Birthday!!

Alyssa celebrated her 9th birthday this past Friday on June 15th.  The first thing she said that morning was that she wished she didn't have to have diabetes on her birthday.  So, it became my goal to keep diabetes from the forefront.  We had a fun day hanging at the pool with friends.  I knew she would be swimming and running, so I let her eat anything she wanted.  (Of course I kept the meter close by :)).  But she had mini cupcakes, Doritos, chocolate pudding; and, crackers, ham, and cheese.  When we left the pool, bg was 112!  So we stopped at McDonalds for a happy meal where she had a burger and fries and an injection.  That evening she had a few friends sleep over so, we went out for pizza.  Bedtime bg was 200 even!  What a great day!

Now, her party was the following day and her bg's were a different story.  They started off well in the morning, but by the time of her party at 3 pm, she was around 80 ( a little low for her in the afternoon).  She had several friends over and I'm sure her low was because she was so active.  They played on the slip 'n slide and in the jacuzzi.  When it was time for cake, Alyssa went in to change out of her swim suite and it seemed to be taking her a long time.  I went in to check on her, and she was incoherent.  She was trying to put her dry clothes on top of her bathing suite and when I asked her if she was ok, she said she was very tired.  She was very pale and her eyes seemed to be in a daze.  After she answered me,  she immediately started crying.  I knew she was low.  I grabbed a juice box, a container of frosting, and her meter.  Luckily when I stuck the straw in her mouth she began to drink the juice and I checked her bg..... 30!!  That's the lowest I've seen it.  She quickly finished the juice and I started taking finger fulls of icing and putting in her mouth.  In just a few minutes I could see the color coming back into her face.  I helped her get dressed and held her....she continued to cry...she was scared and so was I.  Ten minutes later, bg's back up to 90!!  Relief!!

(We had 2 cakes, this one Alyssa and her friend decorated)

We went back out on the porch where our family and friends were waiting for us and I said, "take 2!"


  1. Glad she had a great celebration!!!! YIKES-on the low bg :( Thankful you got her back up fast...

  2. Rock both are! I admire how you take charge without falling to pieces - diabetes to find a cure.