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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break

Normally we travel 'somewhere' during the kid's Spring Break, but after my hub's trip to the Middle East and our short get-a-way to the Keys, we decided to push our family vacay back to the summer.

Home for Spring Break=Princess LuLu's Boredom=Hunger

Lu: "I'm Starving!" Me: "How, you just ate lunch?"  So the snacking begins......

 Alyssa's Top Ten snacks (all under 15 g of carbs)

(light) low fat vanilla yogurt
sugar free pudding cups
100 calorie snack packs
4 pk peanut butter crackers
low-fat, no sugar added ice cream cups
medium apples
cucumber slices with ranch
string cheese
Caprisun's Roarin Water

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