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Thursday, January 5, 2012

We made it through the holidays!!

Happy New Year!!

Again, it's been a while since I blogged....

Alyssa was diagnosed just 3 days after Christmas in 2010.  Facing the holidays in November and December were pretty scary as this would be our first Thanksgiving and Christmas since her diagnosis.  I feared that we wouldn't be able to take part in all the holiday baking traditions we had in previous years.  Alyssa loves to help me bake so I began to search for recipes for our family's favorite holiday desserts where I could substitute out sugar.  We did make regular peppermint sugar cookies and yes Alyssa did have 1 here and there, but we adjusted her insulin.  She said it was totally worth it!!  Alyssa also loves chocolate pie, so I found a recipe for chocolate chess pie and substitute the 3 cups of sugar with Splenda.  A little sugar-free whipped topping made for a happy girl!

Santa was on board this year, and instead of filling her stocking with loads of candy, he opted for hair accessories, lip gloss, nail polish, bracelets, and coloring books.  She was ecstatic! And you know what??  She never once asked about where her candy was, even with her brothers who had chocolate and candy canes in theirs.  I do let Alyssa have sweets occasionally...everything in moderation.  I try to keep her diet as 'normal' as possible.  The time of day, her activity level, and bgl just determine the amount of insulin or if any is given.  Her endocrinologist assures me she is doing great, her A1C was 8 at our last visit (within range for someone her age) and she's growing so tall.  She has gained up to 59 lbs, which is a little on the low end, but like her Endo said, not many 8 year old's are on this strict of a diet.  In Sept. 2010, (pre-diabetes) she weighed 56 and then in October she weighed 52 (during our journey to find out why she was sick).  The day she went into the hospital she was down to 46lbs.  So, I think gaining 13lbs in the last year is pretty good.  Trust me, she eats ALL the time!  Her food is just healthier options, controlled carb intake, and very little sugar.

Looking back on December 28, 2010 I'm blown away by how different our lives are.  Honestly, at that time, I did not think I could handle this situation-- this illness that would change Alyssa's life forever.  But today, through education, research, support, and Alyssa's amazing endocrinology team, I feel optimistic for her future.  Those that know her, know she is a FIRE CRACKER and even though she drives me crazy at times :), she continues to amaze me with how she has learned to accept what life has dealt her.


  1. My youngest son was diagnosed on Dec. 27, 2010.. It is amazing how things change over time :)