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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Counting Carbs...highs and lows

Juvenile Diabetes is a condition where the pancreas produces very little or no insulin which is the hormone needed for glucose to enter the cells and produce energy. If there is not enough insulin, glucose remains in the blood stream and can result in heart damage, kidney damage, vision problems, and skin problems--just to name a few of the major complications.

Alyssa's diabetes requires her to have 4 injections of insulin a day. With her 3 main meals, she has Novolog which is based on the amount of carbs she will eat with her meal and her current blood sugar. In the morning she also has an injection of Lantis, which is a long lasting insulin. Her 3 main meals consist of 45-60 grams of carbs and then she has 3 snacks (mid morning, mid afternoon, and before bed) that consist of 15 grams of carbs each. Her glucose levels are checked 4-6 times a day, poor little fingers; including in the middle of the night. The purpose of this diet plan is to keep her glucose levels between 100-180 (as she feels symptoms when she gets below 100).

I have found that her activity level majorly affects her levels. Alyssa is a very active little girl and it did take some time to get her adjusted. When she was first diagnosed, I thought our biggest ploblem would be to keep her sugar levels down, but in her case, with the insulin and her activity level, we stuggle with lows. Since she was diagnosed, working with her physician, we have had to adjust her insulin several times. Just when you think you're getting balanced, she starts having highs or lows...sometimes both in the same day.

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